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H & I

H & I stands for "Hospitals and Institutions." This is a committee which, at the request of the administration of various hospitals and institutions, sends members of Cocaine Anonymous to those institutions to conduct meetings. C.A. is not in any way affiliated with the Institutions but does adhere to the special requirements of the facility (i.e. security/dress)

H & I Committee

The Hospitals and Institutions Committee is responsible for the coordination of and active participation in twelve step work within hospitals and institutions.

H & I Meeting Schedule Indiana Area

Facility Address Day & Time
Harbor Light- open 2400 N.Tibbs Every Sunday @ 7:00pm
Fairbanks Hospital 8102 Clearvista Parkway Every Sunday @ 3:00pm
Indiana Women's Prison 2596 N. Girl School Rd. Every Thursday @ 6:30pm
Pendleton Outside Dorm 4490 West Reformatory Rd
Pendleton, IN. 46064
2nd Weds @ 12:30pm

Join H & I

It takes a minimum of three months to be on the H & I Committee. It is strongly suggested that the member has a sponsor, C.A. home group, and a working knowledge of the 12 Steps & 12 traditions. A C.A. member must have a minimum of six months continuous sobriety, sponsor, and a C.A. home group to be on an H & I Committee Panel. Also, this member must have a working knowledge of the 12 Steps & 12 Traditions. Finally, some Correctional Facilities require that C.A. members complete a background check and orientation in order to enter their facility.

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