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Central Indiana District C.A. Hotline (317) 909-4514

Fort Wayne District C.A. Hotline (260) 460-4739 or Pager (260) 497-3509

Who is a C.A. member?

While the name "Cocaine Anonymous" may sound drug specific, we wish to insure that our program is not. Many of our members did a lot of cocaine: others used only a little, and some never even tried cocaine. We have members who drank on occassion, those who casually referred to themselves as drunks, and others who are full blown alcoholics. A lot of us used a wide variety of mind-altering substances Whether we focused on a specific substance or used whatever we could get our hands on, we had one thing in common: eventually we all reached a point where we could not stop. According to C.A.'s third tradition, the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances. Whatever you have been using, if it led you to this meeting, you're probably in the right place. Over time, virtually every single one of us has realized our real problem is not cocaine or any specific drug; it is the disease of addition. It can be temping to focus on our differences rather than our similarities, but this can blind us to potential sources of support in recovery. As we hear other members' stories, the most important question to ask ouselves is not "Would I have partied with these people?" But rather, "Do these people have a solution that can help me stay sober?" We encourage you to stick around with and listen with an open mind. With its all inclusive Third tradition and First Step, Cocaine Anonymous welcomes anyone with a drug or alcohol problem and offers a solution C.A.'s Twelve Steps are not drug specific, and Cocaine Anonymous is not a drug specific fellowship. It doesn't matter to us if you drank or what type of drug you used; if you have a desire to stop, you are welcome here!